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Full truckloads (FTL) are typically freight shipments that can weigh up to 45,000 lbs. and up to 53ft of space. As an industry leader in truckload freight, DRS Dilip Road Line LTD. has built technology and support systems to better fit the specific requirements of the truckload shipper. Your truckload customer support team utilizes the most effective carriers and modes for all kinds of businesses. Full Truck Load (FTL) is always a faster and safer technique of shipment for large volume freight. Due to the fact that the cargo will be handled with just during Loading and Unloading and will be on one dedicated vehicle. Movement will be direct from the point of loading to the destination of unloading. FTL (Full Truck Load) services are available in a broad range of vehicles with various payload capacities and dimensions starting from 3.5 Tons to 25 Tons. FTL Transport Solutions are available in both Containerized and Open vehicles, depending upon the item and client's requirements. We the DRS Dilip Road Line LTD. also provides various Point Pickup and various Point Delivery options in FTL movement, based on the specific necessities of our esteemed clients and patron.